Allies & Synchronicities

Help From Seen & Unseen Forces

“You know, the jackass doesn’t have much sensibility. But even he gains spirit from the company of his own kind.

But when the jackass crosses the desert alone, how many more blows it takes to get him there.

Now, this is what this poem says to you: If you’re not a jackass, don’t cross the desert alone!”



We must practice humbling ourselves before the mystery, and surrender to the depths of the soul journey.  We need encouragement, fresh perspectives,  companions who are willing to be with us through our challenges and ordeals of living.

It takes both humility and strength to allow help to come to us from seen and unseen forces, both from this world, and the other world which holds our origins.

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Synchronicity is something that strikes us because it comes from the intangible world,

and it brings that world forward for us to glimpse into, from here in this one.