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Enrollment and registration takes place on the Hero’s Journey Foundation website.

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Are you ready to have yourself awaken to a larger and more meaningful story?  Then this is your time to Cross the Threshold and enter into the journey that has been waiting for you… 

Registration and Enrollment for the Awakening The Soul webcourse takes place on the Hero’s Journey Foundation Website. Follow the instructions for complete enrollment.  We look forward to welcoming you to the web course, and seeing you on our first broadcast!

BROADCAST DATES – we offer a live broadcast on Wednesdays and again on Saturdays for each session theme.

 October  5 & 8
 October 19 & 22
 November 2 & 5
 November 16 & 19
 December 7 & 10
 Dec 21st & Dec 28th
 Jan 14 & 17
 Jan 28 & 31

What People Have Said About Our Web Course…

The journey elements of the course are alive in me, and it is something I will call upon for the rest of my life, so that I can continue to bring my dreams into reality.


Fairview, NC USA