Hero Action Steps To Be Taken

To Help You Cross Important Thresholds in Your Life

One who has a vision is not able to use the power of it until after they have performed the vision on Earth for people to see.” 

 – Black Elk

Concrete actions have power.  They operate on a different level than etheric thoughts.  Actions make manifest the intentions of our conscious will.   If we do not strive towards bringing forth acts that are conscious and well-intended, we are prone to enact patterns of behavior that are unconscious, that are hard to see, understand or change.  These unconscious actions are often the result of mixed or conflicted intentions, rendering the will toward action ineffective.  Or worse, they can be unconsciously and primarily ill-intended, and thus bring forth results that are harmful and destructive.  

On a journey that awakens the hero within, a decisive action step is intended to bring forth new possibility, new outcomes, new energy – new life.  Action puts a new life force energy into motion; it creates momentum for the one stepping into the hero role.  This occurs simply because we are the ones taking up a directed initiative, and  we bring forth the necessary effort of action.  This serves the lives of those who are recipients of the hero act.  

In essence, the hero act is intended to be of service to life.  In true acts of service, the giver and the receiver become indistinguishable.  The giver receives life from the giving that they bring forth and initiate; the receiver can then have new life out of the receiving that they take in and make use of.  

For the duration of our web course journey, we will take up the practice of conscious, decisive action steps.  We will all make our own choices, decide which particular heroic action steps we employ.   Below we offer you a few choices to help you consider some action steps which hold meaning and power for you.  But please make the adaptation, when necessary, to create and form your own action step plan for each of the various course sessions.

Action Step #1

Can you name one specific one way or one particular activity through which you are now bringing forth your bliss?   How are you willing to commit to the practice of the bringing forth your bliss through this specific pursuit or activity?

Can you begin to tell others about the new ground you are standing on, that is informed or infused by your bliss – especially how that is now happening as a result of your participation in the web course?

Action Step #2 

How will you now stick with bringing forth your bliss into your current life?  Who or what will most support you through the process of tolerating the inevitable frustrations, failures, feelings of insecurity, and other obstacles that will come up as you deepen into what brings you bliss?  Keep those allies and resources in mind in the days ahead.

Action Step #3

Bring Forth the Boon in your life by actively sharing it with someone you would typically not share it with.  As you bring your aliveness as an essential contribution to the lives of those around you, take the risk of making room for new possibilities and new openings towards someone you would not consider before now.  What happens when you go forth into life like this.  Keep going!!

Keep an awakened eye open
to new possibilities and opportunities
to take action, that  suddenly appear
in your day to day life!