Journal Questions

For the Return of the Awakening Hero

Why We Use Journaling As An Essential Tool For Reflection

‘Capturing glimpses of the soul shining through into everyday life’ is a vital and elusive part of the journeying process. It is also a soul task that helps to awaken the hero to the realization of his or her journey.  Creative imaginings, dreams, deep longings, nagging impulses – or energy within us that is ignited by reading certain content in poems, essays or books – these are all doorways that create openings that feel subtle, profound and momentary.

These doorways flicker in and out of our awareness.  They lie just below the surface of our everyday consciousness, waiting to be tapped into.  They are always hidden near the obstacles we run into in our daily lives.  They provide us with awakening insights that are at once powerfully striking and fleeting.


Capturing the flickerings of soulful experiences requires that we either write them down, or tell them as a living story as soon as we can, preferably to someone capable of listening to us.  We highly encourage both methods, while respecting that we all have preferences for as well as resistances to each. This is very comparable to what it takes to remember and make meaning of a powerful dream we awaken from.

Keep your journal nearby; document your life-awakening experiences as they emerge throughout this course.  Your journal becomes a clarifying ‘reflecting mirror’ that will hold and begin to shape into rich meaning all the information you collect and capture.  It becomes a thread that starts to tell an important story back to you, about your own personal calling of the soul.   In addition to your own personal ‘capturings’ of soulful openings and insights, we offer you suggested ‘Journaling Assignments’ that focus you on deepening into your journey.  They are posted below.


Keep in mind that journal writing is a way to take you deeper into your own psyche.  It is a communication tool that helps pull you across a ‘blank’ or empty threshold point.  It takes you into a realm filled with complexity, depth, richness, wonder and meaning.  It takes you into an internal world meant only for you.

So, when something strikes you – write in down!  Then tell someone: say it out loud!   Like a bell being struck, the rich tones of the soul resound through our visceral body and awakening mind.  The call echoes out loud for our ears of our heart to hear for a short while…and then they fade away almost as quickly as they arrived, dissolving into thin air.

What More Do I Wish To Know About My Deepest Bliss?   Use the Journaling Prompts Below To Explore This Vital Question.


Journaling Reflection #1 – Discovery of the Boon: Practicing Two Worlds Coming Together in the Here & Now

The experience of the life changing expansion of consciousness has to do with being able to have one foot in the field of ordinary daily life, and one foot rooted in the field of eternity, here and now.

Can you observe your thinking again without having to act immediately and without having to distract yourself from what you think?  Without succumbing to the underlying feelings they generate?   Can you just let your thoughts pass through?  Just let them be what they are?  Keep watching them as they pass by, while staying anchored by being in your body, centered on your breathing, and remaining still within yourself.

Now, the challenge – what can you extend yourself towards that holds meaning for you, that is not only of this world?   Can you open to something vast, eternal, and benevolent in this moment?   Can you open to something that is fundamentally useful or good? Perhaps this may be a nature setting, a sacred spiritual or religious symbol, or even a mantra. Can you say “yes” to any pathway that will open you to a different and larger energy, a bigger presence than just yourself and your own mind?   This is another essential task for the hero of the modern age.

Let what comes towards you come now. Clearly visualize that presence; kinesthetically allow that sensate feeling. Breathe more deeply into the core of your being.   Ground the lower half of your body by resting into the ground underneath you.

Journaling Reflection #2 – Being in Good Relationship With The Boon That Is Already Here For You

What boon has been unfolding already throughout my lifetime?  What has consistently brought me alive, captivated my attention, and filled me with rapture?  How does this already happen in my world?   

These questions are essential to take up and awaken more deeply to.  If we cannot experience what is already here, and open up to that, then what makes us think we will do the same when the new arrivals of bliss come to us?

Journaling Reflection #3 – What is the Boon That Is Now Arriving in My Life, That I Need To Open or Reach To More?

Reflect on one new opportunity or arrival in your life that hold deep potential or possibility for bliss in your life.  What is it about, in particular?   How is it becoming manifest?  How does it need more attention and nurturance from you?  What is the potential for joy or expansion that feels hardest to bear or allow to take place?

Journaling Reflection #4 – Bringing Forth Your Bliss

These are the days that you must commit yourself to a pathway that leads to bliss, or one that allows your bliss to be poured forth into the world.  Name one specific place of action that you will now lean into.  What is the sense of risk about for you?  What supports do you need to go forward?  Who are the allies in your life that need to be aware of what is most important to you about this pathway?    

Awake. Aware. Enlivened. Engaged.