For Session Eight – The Return of the Awakening Hero

The readings for the final session will help you to integrate the overall journey you have been on for this particular web course.  It will help you to sustain the realization of your bliss, and encourage you to stay on the path in the weeks and months after our ‘official’ termination of this course.

We all realize that the journey goes forward, and is not measured or contained by arbitrary time lines.  Let your journey continue to deepen and become a part of who you truly are.


1)  The Great Work of Your Life, by Stephen Cope.

Chapter 12: Take Yourself To Zero, pages 232-249

Epilogue: pages 250 – 256


2) The Hero with a Thousand Faces, by Joseph Campbell.

Part 1, Chapter 3: Return – Pages 167 – 210

Refusal of the Return, pages 167-169; The Magic Flight, 170-178; Rescue From Without, 178-187; The Crossing of the Return Threshold, 188-196; Master of the Two Worlds, 197-210.

Also- The Keys, page 211 – summary page of the overall journey process.


3)  Fate & Destiny, by Michael Meade.

Read Paths of Destiny, pages 226 – 231.  Also, Chapter 13 – The Roar of Awakening – pages 248-264.


4) The Soul’s Code, by James Hillman.

Chapter 11 – Mediocrity – pages 248 – 274.






For Self Reflection – what particular readings, or books, have most supported your ability to surrender more fully to the deeper learning of what your call to bliss is?  What particular readings or books have helped you to bring forth your bliss into specific or concrete actions towards living and serving from your place of bliss?