Awakening the Hero

Taking Our Place In An Uncertain World


Eight different ‘two-week session guides’ help take you through your personal journey of awakening your hero potential, and encourage you to further take your place in this uncertain world today.

Click on a single session below to explore the material for each session, as they become available.


Awakening The Soul

Session One

The Call Of The Soul

October 5th & 8th

Allies And Synchronicity

Session Five

Allies & Synchronicities

December 7th & 10th

Crossing The Thresholds

Session Two

Crossing Thresholds

October 19th & 22nd

The Belly Of The Beast

Session Six

The Belly Of The Beast

December 21st & 28th

Entering The Forest

Session Three

Entering The Dark Forest

November 2nd & 5th

Bringing Forth The Boon

Session Seven

Bringing Forth The Boon

January 4th and 7th

Soul Adventures And Ego Ordeals

Session Four

Soul Adventures & Ego Ordeals

November 16th & 19th

The Return Home

Session Eight

The Return Of The Hero

January 25th & 28th

Awake. Aware. Enlivened. Engaged.