Who Takes This Course?

Awakening the Hero Is An Online Journey 

To Bring the Hero Myth Alive in You

Right Now, Right Where You Are

Become awakened to the adventure of the hero’s journey myth coming alive right now in your life.  Ride this awakening into a refreshed way of living the life that been waiting for you to open up to.

Become aware of a new context, of a re-newed story beginning to take place in your life. Watch for new possibilities and opportunities that seem to come your way as a result of your new awareness.

Become enlivened by sudden and surprising realizations, like a bell that resounds with the echoes of having just been struck.  Notice how small happenings, that you might have ignored before, now lead to new openings and pathways that enrich your life.

Use a new and resounding energy of realization to become more engaged with life.  Take new actions, enter new encounters, and move forward into a larger and more connected life.  Enjoy becoming a part of a rich, ongoing community of fellow travelers who offer encouragement and affirmation for taking the risk of going where you haven’t gone before.

This web course is for those individuals who sense that there is more to live than what is being currently lived.  It is for those who have a desire to embrace a more interesting and activating role in shaping their own lives, and their sense of being alive in the world, rather than just being a passive figure in the landscape of their current lives.

This web course is for people hungry for substantive, meaningful encounters in life, while also entering the lightness of a playful spirit – as this is what living a worthwhile adventure can do, while also embracing the essential goodness of an ordinary life.

This web course will connect you with online journey companions whom you will get to know; people who have their own ‘call of the soul’ speaking to them through images, impulses, and language beyond the common conversations that confine us. Throughout the course broadcasts, you will find allies that inspire you to embrace more of your own humanity, while also getting glimpses into the beauty and majesty of the eternal world that is also within you.

An Orientation To The Journey Myth

The Hero’s Journey ® Myth spans across all cultures and time…. 

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The universal myth of the hero’s journey ® will always be the one form-changing, yet curiously consistent story that we will find being told underneath the minutia of our daily lives.  

The journey myth is an ever-enlivening and ever-renewing story, one that continues to provide us with meaning, vitality, wonder and awe whenever we are willing to slow down and drop below the details of  living on the surface of life, and connect with the deeper images and narratives that give our life its zest, beauty and mystery.

The journey of the hero always points towards the ‘challengingly persistent suggestion’ of more remaining to be discovered within us than we could ever know with our current level of thinking, and more to be experienced than we could ever anticipate, hope for, or predict in advance

Throughout the course of human history, in all cultures and within every life circumstance, this activating story of the hero has come forth.  Those who embrace this role do not see themselves as heroes, and they are not necessarily  extraordinary people; most typically, they are ordinary people who have embraced their own unique path in a devoted, exceptional or extraordinary way.  

Through their consistently ‘do-able’ actions, they become a living, personified inspiration of whatever potential lies within the consciousness of our human bodies and minds.  It is not an exaggeration to say that the hero’s myth provides us with a ‘secret opening‘ through which the life force energies of the universe come down and into human beings, making the eternal world manifest here in our daily world.

Joseph Campbell called this ‘becoming the zeal of eternity for incarnation in time’.  When we are actively living into and coming forth from the hero’s myth, and when we actively take up our own personal journey, we both embody a personal presence, while also being aware of and connected a presence larger and beyond what we typically live.  


One way to know whether on not this interactive web course journey format is meant for you is to simply feel whether or not these words speak to you.  It is important that you are able to listen with your heart, and not your head.

If these words and passages bring you alive, if they stir you up in some curious way, you already have your response.  If not, then it simply isn’t meant for you, or the time is not right.

You can let it be as simple as that.

Awake. Aware. Enlivened. Engaged.

Be The Hero Of Your Own Life